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Whether you’re a first time camper, or an experienced wilderness explorer, it is helpful to have a basic checklist of essential gear. Of course, don’t forget that you may need other equipment, based on the specifics of your trip.

Tent or shelter – Most people will want to take a tent, but you can also use a tarp or other open shelter to keep the rain and dew off of you. If it will be cold, though, you’ll probably be thankful for the extra protection a tent offers. Don’t forget to bring a fly or tarp to keep rain out of your tent.

Groundcloth – Bring a tarp or plastic keep moisture from seeping up through the tent floor, unless your tent has a built in groundcloth.

Sleeping Bag – Check that your sleeping bag is rated appropriately for the weather you are going camping in. You don’t want to take a -30 rated sleeping bag on a summer camping trip, or vice versa.

Stove – Unless you plan to cook over a campfire, you’ll need a camping stove and fuel. Of course, whether you use a stove or a fire, you’ll need matches or a lighter.

Food – You don’t want to be without that!

Water – Bring plenty of water. In some cases you’ll need to bring enough to extinguish your campfire.

Apparel – You’ll want a coat or raincoat to protect yourself from the elements, depending on the weather. A hat is another essential. Other than that, the main rule of thumb is that it’s better to wear layers of clothing, so you can easily adjust for the temperature.

Pack – If you’re hiking in to your camping spot, you’ll need a pack large enough to hold all of your gear. Otherwise, you’ll just need a day pack or fanny pack for day excursions.

Basic gear – You should at least bring:

  • Knife or Multi-tool
  • Saw or axe
  • Rope
  • Compass and map
  • First aid kit
  • Snake bite kit

Keep in mind that this list is just a basic list – you’ll find other items that you need as you start camping.

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