Camping the Grounds of Paris

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How to choose camping sites:

Paris has a nice selection of camping grounds. Some of the best camping sites around Paris are located at Charente-Maritime, Brittany, Central Cote d’ Azur, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Vendee.

Camping at Brittany:
Brittany camping grounds have stunning grounds where superb buildings stand out in the background. The campground provides you fun and entertainment, since you will visit the splash zone, while enjoying many activities.

Brittany is a wonderful way to spend your holidays, as you will enjoy the tales of the past. The tales will walk you through spooky moments where you will take a haunting adventure back to the sprites of folklore giants, such as King Arthur and the well-known Merlin. The sorcery memories come alive as you listen to the tales of old.

On the adventure, you will enjoy ivy films along with beautiful views of lighthouses, which spread out over rock-strewn inlets, bays and coves. Throughout the bays are remarkable villages where friendly Parisians live. This cultural environment will allow you to enjoy music that takes you back to the legends and myths of the land, as the drums, harps, flutes, and bagpipes sound in your ears.

Taking a camping trip to Languedoc:
If you enjoy nature, spread your wings and fly since you will walk through luscious green/purplish pathways that lead up to ancient structures. This area is highly guarded by the French residence, and to see it you would know why. The beaches are filled with white, pearly sand those channels beyond the luscious fruits of town. Scented fields of lavender lilacs take you beyond the wild Marsh Island horses painted white. As you camp on these grounds, you will enjoy the tastes of hardy ripe grapes.

Past the broad-based cities near this lavishing park are labyrinths of walkways that take you to some of Paris’s hottest antique shops. You have a selection of other shops as well.

Tossing your tent in Aquitaine:
Taking a camping trip to Aquitaine will put you on Paris’s finest sandy beaches around. This sunny beach has a shred here and there of vineyards that stretch along the mountains of Pyrénées. The beach has a wide array of land that stretches over to Spain. Aquitaine is the capital of Bordeaux, which land area surrounds glaciers, ponds, lakes and stretches to the Atlantic Ocean. Grapes are the most valued fruits on this land that vines around forests.

Vendée Camping:
If you want comfort, relaxation and adventure combined then Vendée Camping is your choice. This beautiful sandy beach area provides you with golf courses, museums, wildlife, monuments, and more. You can enjoy surfing followed by a visit to one of the lovely arenas around Paris. If you enjoy sea diving, then Vendée is the place to camp. Vendée lies central west of France. The areas surround the Atlantic Bay and stretches onto the southern-east parts of the département of France.

Vendée at one time served as a battleground, yet today the lovely area is a peaceful water galore haven. Mont Mecure is Vendée highest point stretching up to 935 feet and over 285 miles. Around Vendée areas many tourists, industries, agriculture, and processed foods make up the environment. The camping at Vendée however is one of the most popular adventures.

Along the cultural grounds of Vendée are hundreds of miles of sandy beaches that stretch to dune edges around mild climates, pinewood, and so on. On the south region of the beach is Paris’s nude region. The nude beaches are at Pointe d’ Arcay south of the lovely La Faute sur Mer.

Beach Camping Parks

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Beaches offer joy to every one irrespective of color, creed, or social status. Ever since man learned the art of expressing joy, ocean and beaches have been his theme, whether the medium is a poem, painting, photograph, song or video. The beauty of a sunrise or sun set at the beach is beyond description.

Beach camping is one of the least expensive ways of enjoying weekends or other holidays. One can experience long boardwalks and beach fun like volleyball, swimming, fishing, sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, boating and much more.

As in any activity, beach campers need to take essential camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, drinking water, food, cooler, camp stoves, utensils, can opener, appropriate clothes, charcoal chimney, cleaning items, first aid kit, binoculars, bug spray, camera, candles, cell phone, compass, flashlight, GPS, kites, pen and paper and water filters.

Beach camping requires additional equipment such as sunburn lotion, folding aluminum furniture, beach chairs and tables, shade tents, beach wear, beach bags, and beach umbrellas.

With kids there is always a probability for accidents, particularly on beaches. Though all beach camp sites have coast guard services available, it is important for the camper to carry a first aid kit. Whether it is a ready-made unit or put together for the occasion, the kit should include these items: personal medication, bandages, medical tape, sterile gauze, elastic wrap, antibiotics, antiseptic cream, burn ointment, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, tweezers, eye wash and sanitary napkins.

With proper planning and adequate equipment, beach camping can be a captivating human experience!

Florida Camping

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Florida camping can be expensive. My wifa Ana and I paid $23 to camp in our conversion van one night. Of course, it was at a beautiful state park on the beach, and in the morning we saw a dolphin swimming near shore.

Florida camping can be inexpensive too. While at the beach, we heard we could camp for free at the isolated campgrounds which dotted the Apalachicola National Forest. Naturally, our frugality sent us into alligator country.

We camped two nights in the dark woods, next to the dark waters of a slow river. There was was an old guy who seemed to be living there, and a young couple with their two-year-old daughter. Lester was from England, Kari from Texas, and Indya was born in Guatamala. They met in India, of course.

No crowds, and the price was right. March nights can be chilly here, so the six of us circled the fire at night, trading stories, and sometimes sneaking down to the water to look for the eyes of alligators. Unfortunately, we saw nothing, but we did hear splashes in the night.

Lake Talquin

The old guy told us that camping was also free at Williams Landing, on Lake Talquin, about twenty minutes west of Tallahassee. We moved up there, looking forward to the hot showers. Lester, Kari, and Indya followed the next day in “The Beast,” which was an old RV that had carried them there from Texas.

For eight days, we continued trading stories around the fire each night. We saw all kinds of wildlife. Packs of armadillos walked through camp, and giant grey herons fished offshore from the van. There were racoons, owls, squirrels, ducks, and turtles. Then there was the “monster.”

I was poking around near a corner of the lake, when I heard the splash. We had already seen two small alligators sunning themselves the day before, but this one had to be a giant. I returned with Ana the next morning, and again heard the splash, but it was under the water before we could see it.

Every morning we visited the monster once the sun was high enough for him to come out and soak up the heat. We caught glimpses, enough to know he was at least ten feet long. Lester and Kari made a “Crocodile Hunter” movie of us stalking it. Soon it no longer panicked, but just slowly lowered itself into the water, as if getting ready to hunt us properly.

After that we stopped trying to get so close to it. The five of us went to view alligators safely after that, from the tour boat at Wakulla Springs. I even got the chance to jump off of the big diving platform there. We eventually said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, but we hope it wasn’t our last time in Florida, camping.

Camping Cool Vacations!

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For those who never have gone camping, you will find that this is something that you will have to do. There is nothing that you will find that is like the adventures of camping. There are a lot of people who will go on tours and travel an area with an expert camper, but you will also find that camping to someone new is a great way to start thinking about the things that aren’t seen. Once you go on a camping trip, you will be able to think about nature and how to protect and preserve the beautiful sites that you will see while camping.

You may have to some time looking through your gear. There are some things that may crawl inside your sleeping bag, but you will also wan to take some time to look a the gear each time before use so that you can make sure that you are safe. Things like the wind and water can destroy a lot of your equipment so you will want to do regular checks. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to sleep in a tent or in a sleeping bag. You may be able to stay in your car and you may even prepare to be outdoors, but spend your nights in the motel.

There are large SUV vehicles that will allow you to sleep two people in comfortably. You will be able to fold down the seats and you will be able to use your car to give you some protection. You will find that your SUV will help you to save a lot of money that you would have to put into a tank of gas for an RV.

You will also want to take some time and research things like stoves and lamps. You will be able to cook outside and make the trip even better. You will also not want to forget the flashlights for times where you will be going off and venturing away from your car. Depending on some of the options that you have, you may even be able to get internet and cell phone accesses. It’s always good to have a GPS unit with you so that you can avoid getting lost.

5 Places To Go Camping In Montana

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Montana is known as one of the best places to camp. The land is full of wide open areas with plenty of wildlife and beautiful areas to explore. There are plenty of camping options to choose from.

Salmon Camp is a state park that allows visitors to camp overnight. This is a great facility for those who enjoy being outdoors but love the comforts of a hot shower as well. There are plenty of marked trails for a day of hiking. There are specified water areas for fishing and swimming, and boating docks.

The most popular camping location in all of Montana is located in Fort Smith, called Bighorn Canyon. This area offers miles of open land to camp on in your tent, RV, or you can rent a beautiful cabin. There is plenty of wildlife to observe as well as some of the biggest fish swimming in the waters there.

If you plan to camp with children consider Jellystone Park in Missoula, home of Yogi the bear himself! There is plenty of area for hiking, fishing, hunting, and exploring. There is also a ghost town with mines only a few minutes away. There are also games, crafts, and activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

Yellowstone Park is a National Park that offers camping, horseback riding, wildlife observation, and beautiful scenery. You can choose to go hiking on the various trails by foot or rent a horse to ride for the day.

Another wonderful National Park to visit in Montana is Gallatin. This National Park is located in the Western Park of Montana. Plenty of large wildlife roam the area here. You will love camping in the open spaces and listen to the different animals throughout your explorations.

Montana is the place to be if you enjoy camping. There are so many different areas to choose from. You can pick one based on location, the terrain, the wildlife, or the camping accommodations. Regardless of where you choose to camp in Montana, I am sure you will have a great time relaxing in the great outdoors.

5 Great Places To Go Camping In Virginia

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If you are traveling to Virginia for great times camping, one of the great places to go camping in Virginia is the American Heritage RV Park. Situated around the well-known town of Williamsburg, this historical area gives the entire family something to do and see. This area is not just for camping, but for adventure as well.

The Bethpage Camp Resort is another spectacular campground with so many activities to do. You can try your hand at volleyball or get a group together for some horseshoes. The only thing you can do at this campground is have a great time. You will see some beautiful scenery as you look out over the Rappahannock River.

Stay at a campground surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy a beautiful view of the mountain all day long. Heavenly Acres Campgrounds is all that, the heavenly views of the mountains as you sit and listen to the wildlife and enjoy real outdoors adventures, provides the entire family with a sense of peace.

If your plan is to experience camping at its best with just a tent and the necessaries, Shenandoah River Outfitters’ Camp Outback fills this desire. Sitting just a short distance from the Shenandoah River, you can sit and relax by a crackling fire and listen to the river waters run wild. Tents only at the campgrounds, therefore everyone will enjoy a true camping experience.

Virginia is a wonderful place to try your hand at camping and another one of the great places to go camping in Virginia is Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park. If you need some comforts from home, this campground will provide all that. They have a lounge for the TV watcher and nightly movies. Play some tennis or some volleyball, but always take some time for relaxing by a nice cozy warm fire at night.

4 Places To Go Camping In Minnesota

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Minnesota is full of beautiful country that is perfect for camping. However, you may find it difficult to choose the right spot to camp in since there are so many options. Here are 4 great places to go camping in Minnesota that you really should visit. If you enjoy horseback riding, then Ann Lake is the perfect camping location for you. There are plenty of trails and fishing holes to be found here as well.

Bear Lake State Park is a great place for family camping. It is a very simple structure so that it is hard to get lost. There are plenty of picnic areas for families to enjoy while hiking. There is also a very inviting swimming area that isn’t very deep but offers plenty of fun. Bear Lake State Park offers show facilities as well for the camper who doesn’t quite like that part of getting back to nature!

Cadotte Lake offers more than 20 miles of camping ground for you to enjoy. The camping spots are very private so that is a nice change from what most of them offer. It is said some of the best fishing in Minnesota takes place here. You can fish from the shores or take your boat as there are plenty of great boating ramps for you to use. The swimming area is a nice place to take some time to relax on a hot afternoon.

Fenske Lake is the place to go if you enjoy wildlife. There is plenty to be observed from this particular campground area. You will find marked trails for hiking as well. Other activities include boating, fishing, and swimming. Regardless of which one of these 4 places to go camping in Minnesota that you choose, you will have a wonderful time enjoying the outdoors. Happ[y camping and enjoy your trip!

Galdessa Camp As Part Of A Camping Kenya Safari

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A Camping Kenya safari means a tented camp with no fence or wall, and is a much better part of an in Kenya safari than sleeping in a lodge. Of course in a camp with no fence the animals you have come to see, do come into the camp especially at night. Close encounters with an elephant browsing three feet from your tent is what a camping Kenya safari is all about.

As a family our first experience of an in Kenya safari was at the famous Galdessa Camp in Tsavo East. With two small children and apprehensive parents we felt that a fixed camp was going to be about as close to the wilderness as we could cope with, and so in the purest sense of the word it wasn’t a camping Kenya safari, but Galdessa is a camp with no fences or walls. The ‘tents’ were thatched bandas and a great deal more civilized than we expected with electricity, running water, and comfortable beds. Most important of all we were sealed in, zipped up at night with good well fitting mosquito nets.

On he way to Galdessa, and by the way we had our own family vehicle and driver arranged hrough the Manager at Hemingways. He wisely said that for our first in Kenya Safari it was the best way, because we could stop when we wanted and view as long as we wanted, and how right he was.

The few vehicles we saw were mainly like mini buses crammed with tourists, which looked no fun at all.

He aso said that if a luxury african safari was our ideal, then to start at Galdessa would be best, and how right he was again.

On our six hour drive from Malindi we had already seen several giraffes, elephants, but several hundred yards away, a lioness looking for her cubs, and a whole variety of bambi like creatures, water buffalo, and then very close to Galdessa two very large bull elephants, one of whom we passed at about fifteen yards, and exciting that was too.

We hardly passed a vehicle, and whilst our journey was just before the long rains arrived in April, the weather was clear and warm. The rains howver came a few days later, and even overnight this was seen by a considerable rise in the water level in the river due to rain up country.

We duly arrived at Galdess for our first night ever on a Kenya safari, nd were led to our banda, being shown on the way, elephant tracks, lion footprints, and hippo prints as well, all on the path inside the camp. We were told in no uncertain terms that on a camping kenya safari site like Galdessa, we were not under any circumstances, even in daylight to leave our banda unless we were with a member of staff, because of the high chance of an encounter with an animal.

After dark, we had to get into a safari vehicle to go the the dining area, because there was a bull elephant in the camp, and indeed on returning to our banda later by vehicle the bll elephant was browsing outside our back door, an we crept past about 10 feet away to the safety of our tent.

A visiting hippo in the middle of the night, right next to the tent, and the early morning evidence that a lion had been within touching distance of the tent really made our stay at Galdessa.

The food at lunch and dinner was spectacularly good, the views of the river from the central lounge/dining hut was excellent, and the surprisingly hot shower in our ten all adde to make the first night of our first in Kenya safari a memorable one.

Galdessa is a must on any Kenya safari tour, and a definite stop on a luxury african safari.

Colorado Horse Camping And Trails

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The beauty of Colorado is quite inviting to nature lovers everywhere and the miles and miles of scenic trails winding through the state make Colorado even more appealing. There are thousands of miles of trails in Colorado, ranging from easy to quite challenging and strenuous. Some trails are designated for hiking and bicycling, while some are used for all terrain vehicles and off-roading. There are also hundreds of miles of bridle trails winding through the gorgeous landscapes of Colorado.

There are 54 national recreation areas in Colorado that offer several miles of trails for horseback riding, including 6 national parks, as well as 20 Colorado state parks with equestrian trails. Three US Forest Service campgrounds provide horse camping sites and 2 of Colorado’s state parks offer campgrounds with nearby horse corrals. There are also horses for rent at several of the recreation areas and state parks.

San Isabel National Forest in central Colorado has four designated trails for horseback riding and 2 campgrounds that offer horse sites. Alvarado Reservation Campground has 3 horse camping sites that allow 8 people each. Toilets and drinking water from a hand pump are provided and the campground is near the breathtaking and challenging Sangre de Cristo wilderness trails. Don’t forget to carry a Coleman emergency poncho in case you’re caught in one of the common afternoon thunderstorms.

The Purgatoire Reservation Campground also accommodates 8 campers with horses and provides a selection of 8 horse camping sites. Jacks Gulch campground in northern Colorado just west of Fort Collins offers 5 horse camping sites with corrals and several nearby trails for riding. Visitors to Jacks Gulch can also enjoy bicycling, hiking, fishing, riding ATVs, and observing a variety of wildlife, especially an abundance of birds.

Vega State Park in central Collbran, Colorado has convenient parking for horse trailers with access to hundreds of miles of trails for horseback riding in the Grand Mesa National Forest. Horse camping is not available in this Colorado state park, but corrals are located next to the rustic cabins and not far from the family campgrounds. Corrals can be reserved ahead of time.

One of the four developed campgrounds in Colorado State Forest State Park, Brockman Campground, has recently added corral facilities for horse camping. State Forest State Park offers over 50 miles of trails and roadways that can be used for horseback riding, as well as hiking, bicycling, boating, and fishing opportunities. This park also has cabin and yurt rentals year round.

If you’re interested in camping and horseback riding in Colorado but don’t own a horse, both Cherry Creek State Park and Chatfield State Park have stables conveniently located within the facilities that offer guided tours and horse rentals. Just south of Denver, Cherry Creek State Park is quite popular year round because of its extensive and scenic trails and wide array of amenities, including a marina and a model airplane field.

If you are horse camping in Colorado, it is important to remember that all the horse feed used on state or national grounds must be certified as weed free. This includes hay and pellets. Check with the campground or park you plan to camp at ahead of time for other regulations regarding your horse. Some corrals do not have water so it may be necessary to bring buckets or a hose.

Camping On The Ohio River

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The Ohio River is a majestic natural waterway that feeds into the Mississippi River. Beginning in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Ohio River winds along the borders of Ohio West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana for 981 miles, offering plenty of peaceful and scenic areas that are perfect for camping and enjoying the abundant river activities. Camping on the Ohio River is fun for all types of campers, with campgrounds and state parks scattered all along the river, each offering their own selection of amenities and activities.

Forked Run State Park, located in the charming southeastern Ohio hillsides, is the perfect destination for a weekend spent camping on the Ohio River. The park campground features 81 RV sites with electrical hookups, as well as 71 tent campsites, all with breathtaking views of the valley. Visitors can access Forked Run Lake with small motorboats (no larger than 10HP), as well as with canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats. The park also offers boating access to the Ohio River. Guests can swim and relax on the sandy 400 feet beach, hike and explore one of three hiking trails, or enjoy the excellent fishing on the Ohio River.

O’Bannon Woods State Park, in southern Indiana, borders the Harrison Crawford State Forest and is surrounded by the Blue River as it feeds into the Ohio River. The family campground features 281 sites with electrical connections and there are also 50 primitive campsites, as well as horse camping accommodations. Don’t forget your Coleman life jacket as you enjoy eleven scenic miles of canoeing or tubing down the Blue River. Guests can also access the Ohio River with small watercraft or enjoy a picnic overlooking the beautiful river. There are more than 15 miles of hiking trails throughout the park, as well as access to the 24 mile long Adventure Trail. Horseback riding is also popular and there are plenty of fishing opportunities along the Ohio River, Blue River, and a small fishing pond.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend of fishing or want to enjoy hiking the beautiful woods of Illinois, Cave-in-Rock State Park promises a fun and relaxing time camping on the Ohio River. Enjoy fully equipped RV camping, tent camping, or stay in the comfort of the deluxe suites at the lodge. Whichever accommodation you choose, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the breathtaking Ohio River. Bring along your motorboat and take advantage of the wonderful boating and water recreation on the Ohio River. Golconda Marina is nearby and provides overnight storage as well as launch ramps.

Another favorite camping destination on the Ohio River is the Shawnee State Park, in the midst of the beautiful Shawnee State Forest in Ohio. The 107 site campground features hookups, hot showers, and laundry facilities and horse camping is available nearby. If camping on the Ohio River isn’t your idea of fun, reserve a room at the Shawnee Lodge and enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, and sauna, as well as tennis and basketball facilities. There are also 25 two bedroom cottages available that share access to these amenities. Boating on the Ohio River is easily accessible from the Shawnee Park marina or you can rent a canoe at one of the park’s lakes. Other activities you can enjoy while camping on the Ohio River at Shawnee State Park are hiking through the State Forest, fishing, and swimming, as well as a nearby golf course.

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